It’s finally happening!



It’s here! It’s here! We are headed to Ethiopia Sunday morning and will arrive Monday morning January 9th because our court date is scheduled next week! We’ve been waiting almost 16 months to see this boy’s face and a week from today we will have met him! We have still not decided how long we are staying, as every case is different. We have to stay in country to sign his birth certificate and that could be anywhere from a 5-9 day trip. Usually, this is the most complicated and unstable part of the process as their servers can go down and the birth certificate can’t be printed right away. After the birth certificate, it’s exit visas and passports plus medical exams/tests and we can go home! So far, it’s taken people 2-3 weeks after court to bring their kiddo home, so we are torn about leaving after the birth certificate process or staying in country to bring him home.

We decided, for now, to buy a one way ticket and see how everything progresses once we are there. That could mean we leave soon after the birth certificate is signed if we foresee delays, or it could mean we bring him home with us forever! Please PLEASE pray with us that the trip is much quicker than we think and we can choose one trip to bring him home. This is the ideal choice, but because of delays in country this may not be what happens. I’m very sad to be without Lydia for a possibility of a few weeks but she will be well taken care of by family! We are also keeping our Lifesong account open in case anyone would like to make any last minute donations as we are spending SO MUCH on plane tickets, hotel stays, food, etc. You can donate HERE to our account. As always, we APPRECIATE all your prayers, thoughts, donations, kindness in this 3+ year process. It’s been a journey so far but the real ADVENTURE begins next week!!

In Him,

Shrader party of (soon to be) 4!!


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