Pray for Ethiopia


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For those of you keeping up with our adoption news, Ethiopia has been in a State of Emergency since the beginning of October due to unrest in country. You can read about it here and here. The state of emergency will last 6 months, unless the government decides to extend this.

This continued unrest lead to a travel warning for US Citizens, effective October 21st. This means the US warns against nonessential traveling to Ethiopia due to unrest. Our agency is allowing us to travel for now (if we get a court date soon) into Addis Ababa. We may get to visit with our son while we are there, but we are not allowed to leave the capital. I’m sure at the time of travel, our agency will provide us with guidelines of what to do/not do while in country.

The state of emergency has caused internet and cell service to be restricted or shut off for three straight weeks, so the US Embassy has little access to US citizens while in Ethiopia. There are curfews set in place and many rules against certain news channels and social media sites. US citizens even run the risk of arrest if they violate rules. We trust our agency to protect us if we travel anytime soon and more importantly, we trust God. Thankfully, court is open and they are issuing letters to families.

We are waiting on our letter for travel approval and we’ve heard it will be a few months after the letter that we will get a court date (the two used to come simultaneously). More than likely, that means no travel at all until 2017. It’s very disheartening but at this point, not unexpected.

Please keep us and all other waiting families in your prayers. There are many families that have been in this process 3-5 years already, including us. The holiday season is approaching and most of us thought we would have our kiddos, so this season may be another one of anxiety and sadness for most families. Pray for our kids to be safe and healthy and for the government to see the need to get them home to their families. Finally, pray for Ethiopia. It’s a complex situation there and it breaks my heart to see unrest. We will update the blog if anything changes.


The Shraders