It takes a village to bring a child home

Update: from the 31 party this is how much was raised!!! I am completely humbled and taken aback. This is beyond the total I had in my head. GREAT JOB GUYS! This is our last fundraiser, but our PayPal account in the DONATE TO OUR ADOPTION tab will stay open until we travel if you’d still like to donate. 

It’s been a while since I posted and that’s because NOTHING IS HAPPENING. Sadly, no letters, no travel dates yet. Courts open again in October and we are praying things start moving faster than a snail’s pace. It’s excruciating, this waiting period. To keep ourselves busy, we are doing a little fundraising.

I am currently in the midst of a 31 party. It starts TODAY (Sept 1st) and lasts until the 8th. 100% of the commission is donated to our adoption from this sale by my lovely consultant friend so I am trying to reach out to anyone and everyone. We are also still paying a monthly fee to the orphanage until we travel and then we have the HUGE travel fees. If 31 bags aren’t your thing but you want to help, donate to our adoption account HERE or even just write us a check. Any donation is much appreciated as the adoption will reach $35,000+ by the time we get home.

 Here is a sampling of 31 bags and new fabrics offered:

Currently the September special is if you spend $35, you get a Large Utility tote (shown below) for $10 (retail $35) or Stand Tall insert for $15 (retail $50). Makes a great Christmas gift!!!

31 tote

You can shop this sale HERE 

When shopping only use the link, and NOT just the 31 website. If you just go through the website, I will not get credit for what you buy because you will be buying it through a consultant they choose. 

When we do finally travel, we will be bringing some donations to the orphanage. I was informed through another mom that they don’t accept many toys or clothes. Josh had the great idea of a shoe donation. He found The Shoe that Grows organization, an organization that makes shoes specifically for kids in third world countries that grow 5+ sizes and are made of durable quality to last for years. If you are interested in helping us bring a duffel bag of these shoes, please donate in our adoption account via PayPal.


As always, THANK YOU. Throughout three years we have depended on our army of supporters to help us financially and emotionally through this process.  To be completely honest, we will need you even more desperately when he gets home. That’s when real life begins and we bring this little boy who has been uprooted from all he knows into a strange, new world. It truly takes a village to raise a child and he still has no idea how loved he is. We covet your prayers during this exciting time in our lives!

With love,

The Shraders


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