What the heck is going on?

Wow has it really been since July that I’ve written a post? So sorry it’s been so long since our last blog post. I’m writing an update (even though I don’t have much to say) since I’ve gotten so many inquiries about our adoption. Where were we in the process? How much longer? What’s happening?

Here’s what we know…there has been some sort of a slow-down in the adoptions processed from our agency and orphanage in Ethiopia. Our case worker informed us that we’d wait for a child aged 0-3 with mild special needs (usually HIV+) for at least 4 years, maybe more. I can only guess it’s because they are promoting domestic adoptions and reunification with families. That’s a definite YAY! We have been completely involved in personal family affairs and haven’t had time to really discuss this with our case worker. We are not allowed to post our wait list number on social media, but I can tell you it’s pretty low on the list. They do it based on when you sent your paperwork in and what your qualifications are. The number changes every month and every month we’ve gone up 10 or more spaces on the list…so that’s good. However, our agency is presenting another option to us.

There is a waiting child list in China with children ready to be adopted as soon as paperwork is completed. These are children with mild-severe special needs. Anywhere from a glass eye to around-the-clock care. China was the country Josh wanted to adopt from in the first place, but we didn’t match one of the qualifications. Our case worker told us the country will waive some of the qualifications if we were adopting special needs (which is sad, because they don’t place as much value on these children). Right now, our decision is to stick with Ethiopia. I just finished our dossier and with our 8 month old, filling out a totally new dossier would be horrendous, especially with all the decisions we have on our plate already not involving the adoption. This decision may change. If we adopt from Ethiopia and it takes that long…that means redoing our home study 2 more times at least (especially if we have another child) and our immigration that expires every 18 months. This means probably spending about another $3,000 just waiting. I don’t like the idea of this. I also don’t like the idea of children in China waiting for families and we’re waiting on available children in Ethiopia. We will just need time and more information to sort the decision out. There is nothing easy about adoption…but I know God is in control, not me, not the Ethiopian courts and not this evil paperwork.

In the meantime, we’ll enjoy this cutie….



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