Prayers for Cora

One of my good friends came up with an amazing idea after reading my last blog post that I wanted to share. She posted a picture of her son with a Praying for Cora sign on Facebook, that said “Dear Mrs. Rebecca, I am praying for Cora! Love, Oliver!” and then challenged others to follow. Soon, other friends followed with their creative pictures of their kids, themselves and their dogs to let us know that we are in their prayers. Not only are family and friends doing this for us, but friends of theirs are also joining in. For those new to the blog, catch up to Cora’s story here: Resting in God alone.

It is incredibly encouraging to Josh and I to have faces to the prayers going up all around us. We decided to print the pictures out, put them in a baby photo album and take them with us to the hospital. It will serve as a physical reminder of the prayers of those around us. It will keep our spirits up and will keep our minds focused on God’s will for Cora.

We would like to have pictures from everyone who reads this blog and prays for our Cora. You can put them on Facebook and tag me or someone who knows me, email them to me (, Instagram them or put them on Twitter (with the hashtag #prayersforcora). I will find them and print them out. We will continue this until mid August when I go in for a C section. Regardless if we bring Cora home with us or not, it will serve as a reminder of what a miracle she is to us and what a blessing she is to others.

**Check out the pictures we have already received below…**

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. Matthew 18:20








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